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Welcome to 1CC!


Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic half term and are refreshed and ready for lots of fun filled activities and learning this half term! I cannot believe we are in Autumn 2!


What are we learning about?

Our topic this half term is 'What materials should The 3 Little Pigs use to build their homes' and we will be reading different versions of the books based on The 3 Little Pigs. We will be writing instructions, labels and captions and having a go at writing our own traditional tale about The 3 Little Pigs. We will also be writing a letter to Santa – to tell him how good we have been! Lots of fun ahead!




We will be looking at every day materials and how houses and our school has been built and how the materials are all joined together to make a structure. How exciting!



Art and Design Technology

We will be  looking at bridges and houses and even designing and making our own, so that the wolf cannot get us! Oh no! Think fast!



Our main PE day is Monday with Mr Ellis and we ask for your child to wear the correct PE Kit (white T-shirt, blue shorts and black pumps) and please can you label it clearly. Your child's PE kit needs to remain in school every day as we often will do PE more than once a week. We will send PE Kits home each half term so they can be washed and returned after the holidays for the next half term.



Reading book and Reading record

Please can I remind you that your child's reading book needs to be in school every day, so if we have the opportunity, we can listen to your child read throughout the week. Being able to read is a very important skill and we would appreciate it if you could listen to your child read at home. Thank you. 












Your child has been given a Bug Club username and password in school. Having access to Bug Club provides children with the wonderful opportunity to read electronic books that are matched to their current reading level in school. This is an exciting and rewarding way in which you can encourage your child to read additionally at home...the children love it and it has been a huge hit within the classroom!



Your child has been given a Mathletics username and password in school, these are stuck in your child's reading record. Having access to Mathletics provides children with a wonderful supportive opportunity to engage in Maths activities in a fun and interactive way that are matched to their current Mathematical level in school. This is an exciting and rewarding way in which you can encourage your child to recap Maths at home. The children really do love it!




Homework is given out on a Friday and this half term it will be a list of spellings for your child to practice at home over the week. They will be tested the following Friday on their spellings and then a new set of spellings will be given out and stuck in their homework books for the next week. Please make your child hands their homework in every Wednesday.




Please feel free to get in touch at any time. Mrs Jackson is available to speak to you on the door in the mornings and I am available at the end of the school day.


Miss Conner and Mrs Jackson J


Here is some additional information from our Welcome to Year One meeting