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Welcome to Year 3!!


The class teacher for 3PH is Miss Hallworth and the teaching assistant is Miss Rudderham. Should you need to speak to us for any reason, please wait until the end of the school day. We are unable to help parents in the morning before school but we are more than happy to speak to you at the end of the day.

A Special Invitation...

A Special Invitation... 1


PE will be taken by Mr Ellis and will take place on a Wednesday.

The children will need indoor PE kit - white T shirt, navy shorts, trainers/ pumps.

If the weather is suitable then the PE lesson will take place outside. Children can bring tracksuit bottoms/ jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt to wear over their usual kit.

Earrings cannot be worn in PE so need to be removed at the beginning of the lesson or at home if your child is unable to do their own. If you are thinking of letting your child have their ears pierced please remember they will not be allowed to do PE until they are able to remove their earrings/ studs. This can mean they miss up to 6 weeks of the PE curriculum in some cases.


SWIMMING at Medlock

Year 3 will be swimming in the Spring Term. More information will be sent out on this nearer the time.




Homework will usually be given on a Friday to be handed in on a Wednesday.

The homework normally consists of Spellings and Maths. If they do not understand something, they can come and ask on a Monday and we can help them. Please do not let them wait until Wednesday to tell us they are struggling as by then it will be too late to help them with it.



Books go home every night and need to be back in school the next day. When you hear your child read please can you put the page number and sign it. This means that we will be able to change their book as soon as they have read their book as long as part/ all of it has been read to an adult. They must have their reading record signed to say they have read their book before they can change it. They are allowed to change their books as soon as their record has been signed to say it has been read.

Snacks at playtime

Snacks are no longer provided for the children once they are in Juniors. If your child is hungry by playtime please feel free to send in a healthy-eating snack. They will have the whole of morning playtime to eat it in (15 mins). You can also order semi-skimmed milk for their play time snack - please speak to the ladies in the office for more details on this.