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Fairfield Road is a lively, busy and friendly school. The children are engaged happily in well planned, purposeful activities which ensure that they achieve high standards. All members of our school community find joy in working together and being part of our school.


The school has a strong sense of community and relationships with parents are excellent. Fairfield Road enjoys a good reputation and welcomes children from a wide area.  



At Fairfield Road particular emphasis is placed upon co-operative working within the team and upon developing positive attitudes, tolerance towards others and an appreciation of each person's contribution to our school. To this end our school motto is:

TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More


As a main part of our team, children's thoughts feelings and opinions are valued and can be expressed in regular class circle time, P4C (Philosophy for Children) sessions and at school council meetings.



Children and staff have developed a code of conduct which has been reached through discussion and debate. The three main elements to our code of conduct are:

  • Take care of yourself
  • Take care of others
  • Take care of our school

As well as this, each class makes up class rules at the beginning of the year which everyone agrees will assist learning and facilitate a happy classroom environment.

There is an expectation of high standards of personal behaviour and respect for others which we hope you will encourage and support.

Children's achievements are celebrated in a special Celebration Assembly held every Friday. They do find this very motivating. Rewards also include stickers, certificates, praise and the opportunity to share their work with other staff and children. Considerate behaviour is also noticed at break and lunch times.

As a school we recognise that:

Everyone has the right to:

  • feel safe, cared for and respect for
  • be able to learn to the best of his/her ability and to develop whatever skills he/she possesses
  • be treated equally irrespective of gender, race, physical characteristics or any other factors
  • learn and play with out disruption

Everyone is expected to:

  • be responsible for their own behaviour
  • respect the rights of others.

We say No to Bullying, whether verbal or physical, it has no place in our school. We ask for all parents and pupils to help us by reporting immediately any incidents so that we can deal firmly and fairly with any bullies, involving parents if appropriate.