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Information for parents and carers.


The Start of the School Day


Morning Nursery session starts at 8:40am and finishes at 11:40am. Nursery children enter through the third gate in the Early Years Playground area. Afternoon Nursery session starts at 12:20pm and finishes at 3:20pm. The children will enter together through the side gate of the playground which a Nursery member of staff will open at 12:20pm prompt. There will be a blackboard at the gate with any important messages/dates to remember on so please take note of this on a daily basis. We encourage the children to enter school by themselves each day to encourage independence and confidence at school. If you have any concerns or messages for the day please pass them on to the member of staff on the gate. If for any reason you arrive late to school and there is nobody on the gate, please take your child to the office and a member of staff will take them down to Early Years. Please do NOT send your child to Nursery door by themselves, if there is nobody on the gate the door will be locked and your child will be left alone in the playground.


The End of the School Day


Morning Nursery parents: When collecting your child please be aware of which gate your child's key group will exit from, Miss Farrell's key group leave from Gate 1, Miss Denham's key group from Gate 2, and Miss Egerton's group from Gate 3. Please be aware that after collecting your child at 11:40am they are not permitted to use the climbing frame in the playground as this is staff's dinner time. Upon absence of any staff the children may exit together through the same gate.


Afternoon Nursery children will be seen out through the third gate of Early Years Playground as a class, each key person will be in the playground to discuss how your child has been throughout the session in terms of behavior and progress, if you have any questions at all please ask your child's key worker or the Nursery Teacher Miss Farrell.



Home School Books


Each child has their own Home School Book which allows them to record their weekend news to share with their classmates. These books are sent home on a Friday and should be returned by Monday. On a Friday, we will insert a sheet with a snippet of information as to what we have been learning about in school that week. Sometimes there may be a related question for you to work on with your child. If you do not have time to complete this by the Monday we share News on a Tuesday, allowing you the extra time to do this with your child.


Library Books


At such a young age it is very important to us as a school to promote your child's love for reading. The children frequently are read stories as a group at school or do related Literacy activities centered around a book. We enjoy capturing the children's imaginations through story telling and encourage this at home too. Each Thursday your child will bring home a Library book to share with you over the weekend. You will have a small reading record book that dates and names the book your child has taken home, we encourage that you share the book together during a calm time of the day perhaps bedtime, and discuss the book with your child. We ask that you sign their reading record book to show us that you have read with your child and so we can then change their book the following week. If  your child's reading record book is not signed you will find their book will not be changed. Upon loss of a school book there will be a charge of £4.00 to the school. We also have a library scheme where if the children attend the library they can receive a stamp and for every stamp the children bring to school on their library card they will receive one smiley on their sunshine.


Star of the Week


Each week a child will be chosen from both Morning and Afternoon Nursery to be our 'star of the week', this child will have either made great progress in one area of learning, had improved behavior, been a kind friend or a great helper to the teachers. The child will be chosen for their effort and attitude towards learning and the specific reason will be told to you as parents/carers. The child can receive their certificate in Assembly in front of their peers and the whole school, as parents/carers you are invited to come and see this occasion and take photographs from the back of the hall. Afternoon Nursery are still invited to assembly however if for whatever reason you cannot make it to Morning Assembly Mr Stephenson will come down to Early Years to present the child with their award. 


The 'star of the week' will get to take home a soft toy for an adventure for the weekend. For Morning Nursery we have 'Fireman Franklin' and Afternoon Nursery have 'Policeman Plod' We ask that you record your adventure with the soft toy on a piece of card that will be sent home in the bag with the toy.


Wow Moments


In the back of your child's home school book there is a small envelope containing ' WOW Moments' they are small slips which give you the opportunity to share your child's achievements out of school with their teachers and peers at school. This could range from completing a new level at swimming lessons or another sport, to tidying their toys away the first time without being asked. We then celebrate these moments at school whilst we share Home School Books and the children receive smileys as a reward as well as their WOW Moment being displayed on a Nursery wall.


Toilet Training/Clothing


At such a young age we are aware that some Nursery children are still going through the transition of toilet training when they first start school. Please communicate with Nursery staff if you have any concerns about your child in this area so we can work together to support them. We completely encourage independence at school with toileting and expect your child to be able to attend to all toileting needs by themselves including wiping themselves correctly and washing their hands. We completely understand that this takes practice and appreciate your support as we work together to promote independence in this area for your child. Please provide a set of spare clothes to stay at school for your child in the event of a wet accident and replenish these as necessary. We also request that you provide a raincoat and a set of wellies for outdoor learning as the children access the outdoors in all weather conditions. Please label all your child's belongings with their full name in permanent marker pen.


Gardening Club


As we are so lucky to have such a beautiful Forest School area at the end of our playground. Miss Farrell is this year running a 'Gardening Club' for all Early Years to take part. If you are interested in taking part please see Miss Farrell for details, the session will run after school until 4:30pm. This club will be weather dependent as when it gets too cold or there are severe weather conditions it will be cancelled. All siblings are invited to join in as well as parents, grandparents or family friends.


Mystery Reader


Last year every Friday the children were lucky to have many parents sign up to be a 'Mystery Reader'. This year this will continue to run if we have as much interest. Parents, grandparents, carers, family members or family friends are invited to come into school for the last 20 minutes of your child's session to read a story to them and their key group (8/9 children), you can bring a book of your own or use one of school's story books. As it is called 'Mystery Reader' the child who has a reader is not told that it will be them being read to that day. The teachers only tell the children we have a 'Mystery Reader' today and wait until the reader arrives as it is a surprise for the children. This is a great opportunity to develop your child's love for reading at school, if you are interested please talk to Miss Farrell, you will need to provide your full name, date of birth and the date you wish to come and read.




Our current topic in Nursery is 'All about me', we are focusing on settling into school, making new friends and developing relationships with our teachers. We are learning our new routine and all the new activities we are going to take part in as well as adjusting ourselves to the schools rules and behavior policy. We are developing our independence in our self care with toileting, keeping ourselves clean and putting on our own coat and shoes. 


Physical Development


As our bodies grow we are working on developing our larger muscles to later improve our writing skills. We are spending a lot of time on the climbing frame and doing gross motor activities in class to strengthen our larger muscles. Later on in the year we will take part in 'Funky Fingers Friday' where each week we have a range of activities to develop our fine motor skills which will enable us to have the correct pen grip when it comes to writing.




Our ethos as a Nursery Team is that we completely appreciate the importance of the partnership between school and families, as staff we will communicate exactly how your child has been at school and we ask that you do the same about their home life. If there are any changes in circumstances or any concerns you have at all please voice these to Nursery staff we want to support your child 100% in their learning experiences and in their life experience as they grow. We are working towards creating a solid foundation of behaviors and attitudes so that your child is prepared for the best start when entering Reception. Thank you for your ongoing support.

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