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Welcome to Nursery!

Class Teacher- Mrs Johnston

Teaching Assistants- Miss Denham and Miss Egerton


Welcome to Nursery! Our Nursery team endeavour to build strong relationships with you- the parents and carers at home, to ensure solid foundations are set from the very beginning of your child's journey in formal education. This is vital to ensure that each and every one of our children are able to reach their full potential and develop into happy, confident learners.


I am available at the beginning of every session if you need to speak to me, along with Miss Denham and Miss Egerton at the end of our Nursery day. Please feel free to speak to a member of staff if you have any concern at all regarding your child- we are committed to the best interests of the children in our care.




Mrs Johnston, Nursery Class Teacher



This half term our topic is 'Growth'. The children are very excited to have our duck chicks in school.  We have enjoyed watching them hatch out of their eggs and grow into little ducklings. The children have been amazed and have loved having them in school to look after.  In Literacy, we are reading classic versions of 'The Ugly Duckling' and non fiction books about growth. Let's hope that we have a 'quacking' half term together!

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Information for parents and carers.


The Start of the School Day


Morning Nursery session starts at 8:40am and finishes at 11:40am. Nursery children enter through the third gate in the Early Years Playground area.


Afternoon Nursery session starts at 12:20pm and finishes at 3:20pm. The children will enter together through the side gate of the playground which a Nursery member of staff will open at 12:20pm. 


We encourage the children to enter school by themselves each day to encourage independence and confidence at school. If you have any concerns or messages for the day please pass them on to the member of staff on the gate. If for any reason you arrive late to school and there is nobody on the gate, please take your child to the office and a member of staff will bring them down to Early Years. 


The End of the School Day


Morning Nursery parents: When collecting your child please be aware of which gate your child's key group will exit from. Mrs Johnston's key group leave from Gate 1, Miss Denham's key group from Gate 2, and Miss Egerton's group from Gate 3.


Afternoon Nursery children will be seen out through the third gate of Early Years Playground as a class.


Home School Books


Each child has their own Home School Book which allows them to record their weekend news to share with their classmates. These books are sent home on a Friday and should be returned by Monday. On a Friday, we will often insert a sheet with a snippet of information as to what we have been learning about in school that week. The books are a very positive way of confidence building for your child, alongside promoting speaking and listening skills as well as developing knowledge and understanding of the world.


Library Books


In Nursery it is vital that we establish a positive attitude and a real love of books from a very young age. Each Thursday your child will bring home a library book to share with you over the weekend. We ask that you sign your child's reading record book to communicate that you have shared the book with your child and so we can change their book the following week. 


Stick Man/ Elmer



Every Friday we award a child from both AM and PM 'Star of the Week'. When your child is chosen, they will also take home either ‘Stick Man’ from AM Nursery or 'Elmer' from PM Nursery who spends the weekend with them. We love to know what they have been up to and would like you to complete the card that comes home with him. It would be lovely if you could encourage your child to draw a picture, stick in bus tickets or even photographs. On a Tuesday, the child who is star of the week will share their adventures with the rest of the class. Please ensure that Stick Man and Elmer are returned by Tuesday for this to happen. Thank you!    



Toilet Training/Clothing


At such a young age we are aware that some Nursery children are still going through the transition of toilet training when they first start school. Please communicate with Nursery staff if you have any concerns about your child in this area so we can work together to support them. 


Please provide a set of spare clothes to stay at school for your child in the event of an accident and replenish these as necessary. We also request that you provide a raincoat and a set of wellies for outdoor learning as the children access the outdoors in all weather conditions. Please label all your child's belongings with their full name in permanent marker pen.