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We have been learning about 3D shapes

The children in Reception have learnt the names of the 3D shapes; cube, cone, sphere, cylinder and pyramid.
They have used everyday langauge to compare the shapes to items we see in the environment; and we have extended our mathematical vocabulary so that we can talk about faces, edges and corners in realtion to the different shapes.

The Daily Mile

At Fairfield Road Primary School we are committed to helping our children become fit and healthy and educating them to be able to make healthy choices for themselves. This half term we are taking on the challenge to complete'The Daily Mile.' The children in Reception thoroughly enjoyed taking part and if you would like to continue this at home or over the weekend, then please post your pictures onto Tapestry.

If you would like to find out more information about 'The Daily Mile' then click on the link below.

Autumn 2


This half term in Reception we are learning all about space. We have been finding out information about astronauts from the non-fiction book: 'We work in Space.' From the information we have gathered we have been able to create our own class lists headed astronauts can, astronauts have and astronauts are. 


We have also been learning about the planets in our solar system. We decided to learn about the planets through the use of a song. The children have had lots of fun learning interesting facts whilst singing along.


By remembering the song lyrics the children are now able to match facts about the different planets to the matching planet.


Keep looking at our class page to get updates on our learning.


Information for Parents/Carers


The start of the school day

The Reception gates will open at 8.45am once the bell has rung to indicate the start of the school day and will close at 8.50am. Please encourage your child to come into school by themselves as it encourages independence and allows for a calmer start to the day. If there are no adults on the gate please take your child to the main entrance.


The end of the school day

At the end of the school day, the children will leave from the same gate as they entered.  We ask you kindly that you stand well back from the gate as it can be daunting for the children to see a sea of legs as they make their way to their parents/carers. For safety reasons, we will want to make eye contact with whoever is picking your child up before we let them make their way to you.


Home School Books

Each child has their own Home School Book which allows them to record their weekend news to share with their classmates. These books are sent home on a Friday and should be returned by Monday. On a Friday, we will insert a sheet with a snippet of information as to what we have been learning about in school that week. Sometimes there may be a related question for you to work on with your child. 



Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on a Tuesday (navy blue shorts, a white t-shirt and pumps). Your child’s earrings must be removed for PE due to health and safety regulations and we are not allowed to remove earrings.  Please ensure your child can take out their own earrings or that they do not wear them on a Tuesday so they can take part in the lesson. Please could you ensure your child’s PE kit and uniform is clearly marked with their name so no items are misplaced.


Reading Books

Our reading day is a Wednesday. This means your child will read to an adult on a Wednesday and change their books on this day. Even though they will be changing their books on a Wednesday, there may be times when we listen to your child read on other days so please could you ensure your child has their book and reading record in school every day. 


High frequency words

At the end of the year, your child is expected to be able to read and spell a selection of high frequency words.  I have attached these words below so that you can practise these with them. 



Reception High Frequency Words

Marty the Minion

Each Friday a child is chosen for Star of the Week. When your child is chosen, they will take home ‘Marty the Minion’ who spends the weekend with them. We love to know what mischief he has been up to and would like you to complete the card that comes home with him. On a Tuesday, the child who is star of the week will share their adventures with Marty with the class. Please ensure Marty is returned by Tuesday for this to happen.  Thank you!


Wow Moments

In your child’s home school book you will find ‘Wow Moment’ cards. These can be found in the back of the Home School Books. These are to be used for sharing their wonderful achievements from home for example riding a bike for the first time, any extracurricular achievements or personal targets such as writing their name independently. We love hearing about the wonderful things your child does at home!



Please can you ensure your child has a waterproof coat and wellies in school every day as we like to learn outside, come rain or shine!



At Fairfield Road we really value communication with parents/carers. Staff are available at the start or end of the school day to speak with you. Please communicate any concerns or questions you may have and together we will find a solution.