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Sports Premium

Fairfield Road PE and School Sport Premium

(2016 – 2017)


In March 2013, the Government announced a new package of funding for P.E. and school sport. Through a new ‘Sport Premium’, they are providing £150 million in each of the next two years to support the delivery of sport and P.E. in primary schools. The allocation for our school is for this academic year is £9600.


The money will be spent in such a way as to encourage children who are reluctant when it comes to PE as well as enriching the learning opportunities and developing the skills of those children who enjoy and excel in P.E.


We will use the money to top up resources in school to enable teachers to provide an outstanding skills – based approach to P.E. teaching.


We have used part of the money to go into partnership with the Tameside School Sports Partnership. This will provide us with specific teacher training across all areas of P.E., membership to the Youth Sports Trust, Leadership training for pupils, Change4Life Health initiatives; delivery of inter school competitions and a range of other services.


Money has also been used to train up a number of our year 4 & 5 pupils in becoming Mini Whistlers. They have all been putting their new skills into practice during break and lunchtime. Equipment and training has also been provided for Playground leaders who have been running activities during lunchtime.


Health Initiatives

We have also invested time and money into looking at initiatives which can have a wider implication to the health and well-being of our children in a variety of ways:

- A member of staff has been able to attend Yoga in schools and Mindfulness training which has resulted in before and after school clubs as well as a staff club.

-Our year 5 and Year 6 children have attended a Healthy Living Initiative at Lancashire County Cricket Club and Year 3 worked with Sale Sharks Rugby Football Union Club on a healthy eating project.

-We have appointed two Health Ambassadors who work alongside the Sports Ambassadors to look at how we can further develop health initiatives in school on an on-going basis.

-We will incorporate health focused sessions into our National School Sports Week. The children will all take part in healthy eating sessions.  An after school club which looks at healthy eating as well as a Change4Life club have already started.

- We have also organised a whole school trip to the beach at Lytham St Anne’s on Friday 19th May where the children will be taking part in a range of beach sports as well as Yoga.

- We have purchased a defibrillator as well as organised training several members of staff and children.


- Healthy Eating / Healthy Lunchbox Assembly.

On Monday 16th January, the Sports and Health Ambassadors were supported in the delivery of a healthy eating and healthy lunchbox assembly to try to show everybody what the best choices are for healthy and balanced lunches. 


Sports and Health Ambassadors 2016/2017

Sports and Health Ambassadors for 2016/2017.

Sports Ambassadors: Alex Spencer-Coll and Lauren Rodgers

Health Ambassadors: Aidan Hibbert and Anna Bishton

They have planned lots of exciting things for this year and we have written an action plan.


Sports and Health Week.

On the week beginning the 26th June we will be celebrating National School Sports Week. The children will have some fantastic opportunities to take part in lots of new and exciting activities.

During the week, the children will take part in Sports Day, Taster sessions as well as attempting to break a world record.

We will be receiving a visit from the World’s fastest Miler Craig Wheeler who will come to meet all the children and take part in our mile challenge.

The children will also have the opportunity to take part in some healthy cooking lessons, fitness sessions as well as make smoothies using the smoothie bike.

We will also be hosting a Sports Presentation. Here is a list of all the awards we will be making:

  • Footballers of the Year (Boys and Girls)
  • Fair Play Award
  • Most Improved Sports Person
  • Key Stage 1 Sports Person of the Year
  • Sports People of the Year


PE Premium Spend

During the course of the 2016/17 academic year, the PE premium has been spent in the following areas:

  • PE Equipment (Games & Gymnastics)
  • School Sports Partnership membership
  •  FA Mini Whistler training
  • Young Ambassador Training
  • Lancashire County Cricket Club Healthy Hearts Workshops
  • Entry fees into cross country competitions
  • Transport to competitions and events
  • National School Sports Week (resources and inspirational speaker)
  • PE lead release time
  • Teacher release time for CPD
  • Defibrillator and defibrillator training
  • Whole School Beach Trip


Impact of PE Premium Spending

  • We have gone from 1 football team in 2015/16 to football teams for Boys and Girls and across all KS2 year groups
  • We have taken part in local football competitions as well as taken part in competitions organised by Manchester United and Stalybridge Celtic.
  • Through our link with the Tameside Sports Partnership, we have increased our participation in School Games events from 0 to 11 this year, providing lots of our children with opportunities to take part in competitive sport (75% of children in Year 6 have represented the school at least once, 45% of children in Year 5 and 30% of children in Year 4)
  • This has included a need to pay for transport to over 80% of events such as the ‘Sportshall Athletics’ event
  • We were crowned Tameside Year 4 & 5 Girls Futsal champions and will now represent Tameside in the County Futsal competition at the Trafford Powerleague in May
  • Every child in KS1 & KS2 has taken part in an intra school sporting competition
  • Through our link with Tameside School Sports Partnership, we have provided training for a member of staff in Yoga and Mindfulness. This has enabled us to set up a highly successful before and after school club as well as a before school session for members of staff
  • We have employed Health and Sports Ambassadors for the first time. They accessed training through Tameside SSP. They have been responsible for running lunchtime clubs, hosting assemblies as well as taken part in the organising of National School Sports Week
  • We have had ex premier league assistant referee Trevor Massey in school to deliver the Mini Whistlers initiative. We now have a team of 16 referees who are responsible for looking after the football pitch during break and lunchtime. The impact this has made on behaviour has been really positive
  • Training and resources were provided for Playground Leaders who have been working across KS1 and KS2 during lunch. This has helped to engage children who at lunchtime would not normally take part as well as had a positive impact on behaviour
  • National School Sports Week will become more celebrated in school. Funding will be used to provide the children with opportunities to take part in activities during the week in addition to opportunities already in place
  • We will also be celebrating National Skipping Day on Friday 21st April. Children will be given lots of opportunities to skip using the new ropes the school has purchased
  • Children in Year 5 and 6 took part in a healthy living initiative run by Lancashire Cricket Club across a full day at The Emirates Old Trafford. Off the back of this we have set up an after school club were the children prepare healthy meals
  • We have also set up a Change4Life after school club. This club has been successful in engaging children who would not normally attend after school clubs. The children got to take part in a range of activities as well been able to take part in healthy eating sessions
  • On Friday 19th May we have organised a whole school trip to the beach at Lytham St Annes where the children will be taking part in a range of sporting activities as well as taking part in Yoga sessions run by a member of staff
  • Release time for the PE Coordinator has allowed time to work with other staff and to team plan work with the Sports Council and improve the quality and quantity of after school clubs
  • Being able to take on a Sports Council has enabled the school to increase the presence of sport across the school. This has included having a designated sports notice board, hosting of sports themed events as well as being able to promote sporting clubs in and out of school.
  • The number of before, during or after school clubs has increased significantly as well as the range (Change4Life, Gymnastics & Yoga to name a few). Children from reception up to year 6 have been able to access these clubs.