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Bug Club


What is Bug Club?

Bug Club is a finely-levelled reading scheme, which ensures that all children can find books at exactly the right level for them. What’s more, there’s a personalised website for each child in school. We allocate books online to all children.


  • The more children read, the more bug coins they can earn to dress their avatar. Books can even be read aloud to the child! 
  • Your child does not need to finish all the quiz questions in one sitting and can come back to a book later.
  • We will also be able to assign more books for your child to read if the virtual book bag is running low.


How do I log in to Bug Club?

Every child in the school has been issued with a username and password that looks like this:



You will find it inside your child’s individual reading record that they take home daily.

  1. Go to the Fairfield Road Primary School website.
  2. Click on the ‘Children’ section.
  3. Click on ‘Bug Club’.
  4. Click on the link to ‘Bug Club’.
  5. Log in using your username, password (BUG) and school I.D (x9q3).
  6. Your Bug Club homepage will come up:



7. Click on ‘My Stuff’ to access the books assigned to you.

8.The more you read the more rewards you receive! You can ‘spend’ your rewards in the ‘My Rewards’ section.


Getting involved


The reader: Until they are fluent readers, younger children will benefit from reading aloud to you as often as possible. By the time they are in Years 5 or 6, many children prefer to read silently to themselves. Create quiet opportunities for them to do so, but then talk to them about the book they are reading.


Sharing reading: When sharing a book with your child, try to take opportunities to talk about the book – before, during and after reading.


Before reading: look at the book cover and talk about your child’s expectations. Is the book likely to be fiction or non-fiction? Have you read other books together about these characters or by this author? What does your child think the book is going to be about?


When reading: support your child when unknown words need tackling: you can sound them out, split them into syllables, or identify suffixes and prefixes. Remind your child to listen to the words while reading them, to make sure that they make sense. Have a ‘meaning check’ every now and again to ensure that your child understands the text.


After reading: talk about the book. What was it about? Did it match your child’s expectations? Ask questions beginning with the words ‘how’ and ‘why’ to check that your child has been able to read between the lines. Ask whether anything seemed puzzling. Then ask your child to explain what the best and worst bits of the book were, and why.