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Courses for Parents 2017-18

Next academic year, Fairfield Road will be hosting Four Fabulous Free courses for Parents to attend:


Courses running October-december:



Confident parents, confident kids is a 10 week programme aimed at parents with children aged 3-11, which helps builds feelings of trust in ones abilities, qualities and self-esteem. Parents and children will learn skills in order to improve their confidence in various situations.

Topics include: self assessing you and your children’s current level of confidence, exploring ways to relax using breathing and visualisation techniques, exploring self-esteem and assertiveness, positive thinking and many more.



Family Craft is an 8 week programme aimed at parents with children aged 3-11, which helps parents to develop their creativity skills and support their child’s learning and development.

Course aims are to: plan and create art work, build self confidence, develop activities for home and many more.



Courses running January-MARCH 2018:



In response to many of our parents’ requests, Tameside Adult and Community Education would like to run a fabulous course to support parents, with practical top tips for managing children at home. The course will run through a variety of really useful strategies for managing behaviour and doing the hardest job of all – parenting!



Making Story Time Fun is a 10 week programme aimed at parents with children aged 0-5, which helps to develop skills in story telling in order to make story time and reading fun for all the family.

Topics covered include:  story telling without books, using props to tell a story, questions to ask before, during and after a story, techniques to test understanding and many more.


If you are interested, please contact the school office on 0161 370 3625

and book a place.

Or alternatively, speak to Shelley Roche or Jasmine Walker.

Places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.