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Food4Life Schools Award

Food4Life Schools Award


At Fairfield Road Primary School, we recognise the importance of a healthy life-style and diet, and understand that establishing a balanced diet in childhood helps establish healthy eating habits for life.  We also recognise that there is a strong link between a healthy diet and effective learning. Our school aims include: Provide a calm and positive environment, where children and staff are safe, healthy, happy, confident and motivated. This is embedded throughout all aspects of school life. 


In October 2020, our school was awarded with the Gold Award from Food4Life, NHS.

Below is our schools policy regarding healthy eating and some tips to how you can help to make healthy choices at school.




Healthy Snack Suggestions


All children in KS1 are provided with a free portion of fruit or vegetable through the National School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme.

Fruit is the only snack option for all children in KS2. This means that any snack other than fruit will be sent home.  


Healthy bodies’ snacks (vitamins to help eyes & skin, resist colds etc)

  • dried fruit e.g. apricots, mango, banana, raisins, cranberries, cherries
  • vegetable sticks e.g. carrot, pepper
  • fresh fruit e.g. banana, apple, kiwi (cut in half at home and provide spoon)

Healthy Lunchboxes and School Dinners!


  • Our school meals offer a nutritionally balanced healthy lunch to pupils, served by professional trained staff.  All school food meets national nutritional standards (both food and nutrient based). 
  • The school knows it is very important that pupils eat a healthy packed lunch with a good balance of foods. We encourage children to bring a healthy lunchbox from home. 
  • We encourage our lunchboxes to contain food unprocessed (or lightly processed) and as close to its natural state as possible.  These foods are rich in nutrients and provide good nourishment for growing bodies. All other highly processed foods can lack important nutrients and therefore are not the best food choices.  
  • Healthy lunchbox stickers will be distributed to children with a healthy lunchbox at lunchtime.


Below are some suggestions for how to fill a healthy lunchbox taken from Change 4 Life website


The Change for Life website also has some great tips for filling a healthy lunchbox! 

Happy Birthday Treats


The school does not encourage sweets to be used as rewards or treats. Special celebrations (birthdays, Easter, etc.) and events during the school year will be celebrated with non-edible alternatives.

We would love to share and showcase your healthy food choices used for special celebrations! Not only because we are so proud of the choice that you have made, but also to give other parents and children ideas for their own celebrations. 

Watch this space for delicious ideas!!