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Remote Education

A very warm welcome to Fairfield's remote education page.


If you are visiting this section, it means that you are currently learning from home.  We are extremely proud that you are accessing this site to continue with your learning.  Here you will find remote education resources for this calendar week.  In some classes the learning is uploaded daily and in others all learning is provided at the beginning of the week.  No matter when the work is uploaded, there will always be something here for you so that your education can continue off site.


In the majority of subjects, the learning added here will be in line with the learning the rest of the class are receiving back at school.  This means that you will be able to keep up with your education even though your classroom, classmates and teacher are somewhere else!


To access your learning, please click on your class below.  You will be redirected to a page which contains a timetable for your week and all the learning you will need.  If you have your own device, why not download the Dojo app and access your learning directly from there?  Feel free to keep in contact with your teacher via Dojo to let them know how you are getting on or with any questions you may have.  If the teacher is busy teaching the class, it may be your teaching assistant who gets into contact with you.


Try your best to work closely to the timetable you have been provided with so you can seamlessly re-join your class when it is time for you to return to school.


Best of luck with your remote learning.  We look forward to seeing you back at school very soon.


Mrs Davies