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This page contains additional information about the school which parents might find useful.


This section is for you and will be updated in accordance to your suggestions.  If there is something you would like to know about the school which you cannot find elsewhere on the website, use the online form below to make a suggestion to Mrs Davies.  She's always happy to hear from parents.




Dojos are awarded to our children by staff members to instantly reward all matters of positive behaviour such as: acts of kindness, good manners, excellent classwork and strong work ethic.  The number of dojo's collected by pupils are tallied on their own avatar and once each pupil reaches a milestone, they are awarded their corresponding badge during Friday assembly.


150 dojos = Bronze badge

250 dojos = Silver badge

350 dojos = Gold badge

450 dojos = Platinum badge


Once every member of a class has reached a milestone, the whole class is rewarded with a party of their choice.

Bronze = 1 hour party or session of their choice

Silver = One afternoon party or session of their choice

Gold = A full day party or session of their choice


For further details on rewards and sanctions, please follow the link below to view our Behaviour Policy.

Star of the Week


Every week a child from each class is chosen to be Star of the Week.  They receive a certificate from their teacher which is presented by the Headteacher in front of the whole school and visiting parents during Friday assembly.  In recognition of their achievement, their name will feature on the homepage of the school website.

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