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Y6 Mobile Phone Research

In Autumn 2017, during Anti-Bullying Week, Y6 were tasked with the following challenge:


  • Could you survive without your mobile phone for a 7 days?


Pupils were understandably hesitant; mobile phone use has become part of their daily lives.  Despite this, a number of pupils undertook the challenge; some pupils who do not own mobile phones choosing to restrict their access to other forms of technology.


Participants completed pre and post questionnaires and handed their devices in to school to be kept safely for the week.  Outcomes of this mini-research are detailed in the Powerpoint, which has been shared with Y6, below. 


The good news is: all pupils survived!  The even better news is that some pupils found the exercise thought-provoking and we have since had some very insightful conversations about the role technology plays in society. 


Well done to Year 6!


Mobile Phone Feedback