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Year 3

Here are the key books we study in class in Year 3. Below, you can click the document to find out more about how and why we use these books.

Spring 2



This half term we used the picture book 'Unspoken' to inspire our own narrative writing including actions and dialogue. The children created some fantastic pieces creating suspense and tension throughout.

Spring 1

The Journey

This have term we have used 'The Journey' by Francesca Sanna to inspire our setting descriptions in English. The children have loved the detailed imagery in the story which has helped them to write some amazing pieces!

Autumn 2

Victorian Britain

This is the text we have explored during our Guided Reading sessions. It links to our topic of the Industrial Revolution and has allowed us to focus on our 'find it' skills. 

Autumn 1

Cave of Secrets

This is the text we are using for our guided reading in Autumn 1. The text is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction exploring the very first cave paintings that were found many years ago. The text links to our History Topic the Stone Age.