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Year 4

Here are the key books we study in class in Year 4. Below, you can click the document to find out more about how and why we use these books.





Autumn 2

In guided reading this half term, we have been enjoying reading Record-Breakers. We have learned about: The World's Longest Moustache; The Largest Egg from a Living Bird and The Youngest Sword Swallower. 


We have also been reading The Guiness World Record Annual 2022. The book is full of weird, whacky and wonderful record breakers from across the globe!


Autumn 1

This half term we have been enjoying a wide range of non-fiction books in our History lessons. The books are full of diagrams, maps, key facts and images to help us learn more about the Ancient Egyptian civilisation.  The non-chronological nature of the books means we can read them in any order and select the pages which interest us the most! 




Well done 4SM!!

We have read an amazing amount of books since September! In class we have really enjoyed "Young, Gifted and Black" and "There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom"

Keep up the fantastic reading!!