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Year 5

Here are the key books we study in class in Year 5. Below, you can click the document to find out more about how and why we use these books.

Spring 2

Year 5 had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day. Everyone made a fantastic effort to dress up as an adjective they have chosen from a book they have read. The children also wrote amazing book reviews of a book they have read and thoroughly enjoyed whilst in Year 5. 

Spring 1

Year 5 children are now reading ambassadors and are mentoring the Year 2 children in Mrs Gledhill's group every single morning. They have shown our Fairfield values of friendship and loyalty and have been extremely kind to the younger children. Fantastic role models to have around school - well done Year 5. 

Book Reviews (Autumn 2)


The Lion above The Door by Onjali Rauf.


I have really enjoyed this fascinating book! I LOVE the beginning where the Year 4 children go on a school trip, learning about the World War 2 for their school project. Through the book, three best friends solve mysteries to find out about their great ancestors, who were in the War. Also, I like this book because it raises the theme of equality and that people from different countries/cultures suffer from racism but by the end everyone treats them the same and become great friends with them so I think it has a positive message. This book is very interesting and I highly recommend it to other readers in Year 5 or 6!


By Gracie,

Class 5JF.

Guest Reader (Autumn 1)


In Year 5, from next half-term, we will have a guest reader who will share a story in EYFS. Year 5 pupils will choose a book and spend some time over the week, practising reading the story with expression and intonation

before heading down to EYFS to read for our youngest pupils. Keep an eye out here for videos of our guest readers each week!