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Welcome to ‘Year 5 Home Learning’; we hope you find this useful.


During this time of school closure, we will strive to ensure that appropriate work is set for you. Together, we have discussed our planning at length and have tried to create lessons, which link as close as possible to where our learning journey was heading. In order not to overwhelm anyone and to ensure it is clear to locate, we will update the sessions daily.


We recognise that this is unfamiliar to our children and parent/carers and just ask that we all give this a go. Our children have been working extremely hard this academic year preparing for Year 6 and we want this to continue. Being independent and showing dedication and commitment are valuable life skills and we are sure our Fairfield Road children will all rise to this new challenge in a mature manner.


Year 5, we ask you to be mindful of others around you during this time, and work together. Please do not overly stress about anything; just try your best and enjoy spending time together. Do yourselves, your families and us proud. 


Mrs. Foulds and Miss Chong.

Welcome to the last week of Summer 1 - the last 5 weeks seem to have flown by and we are so proud of much you have achieved in your home learning. After this week, you will have two weeks off where there will be no work set so you can have a well deserved rest. Please find above your suggested timetable for this week in addition to your Maths, English and RE lessons for today. Go TEAM! 
As usual for French, look out for Madame Preston's challenge or practise on your class Duolingo. Bonne chance!
Welcome to Week 4 of the Summer Term 1. Please find above your suggested timetable for this week, along with your resources for Maths, English and RE today. smiley
Look out on Dojo for your French challenge from Madame Preston, or have a go on your class Duolingo. smiley
This week, it is a four day week as we have a special Bank Holiday on Friday. Not only is it May Day, it's also VE Day. School will be closed on Friday and you will not be expected to complete any home learning either. So, let's work really hard these next four days! You'll be rounding decimals in Maths, continuing Freedom for Bron and looking at Shahadah and the 99 names of Allah in RE. Resources for all of these can be found above, along with your suggested timetable. 
Today you will be rounding to 1 decimal place in Maths, continuing Freedom for Bron in English which ties in perfectly with your afternoon Topic lessons on the Anglo-Saxons. Don't forget to fit some Spellings and Reading in if you can smiley
You'll be looking at lots of different style questions when rounding decimals in Maths today, continuing your work on Freedom for Bron and recapping on Animals Including Humans in Science. Don't forget your Reading and Spelling! 
It's a very special day today as we prepare for VE Day tomorrow. All your activities today will be extra fun and based around the occasion! You've got Maths, English and then an afternoon of crafting that you can display in and around your house ready for Friday. Remember, there is no school tomorrow so this is your last day of home learning for the week. Have a wonderful long weekend. 
Please see above your suggested timetable for this week and your resources for Maths, English and RE for today. Have a great day! 

Abba Song for History Session 2

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Today, you have some Reasoning and Problem Solving questions to tackle in Maths, you'll be continuing your English work on Freedom for Bron and enjoy the second session in our new History unit. 
You will be looking at bus timetables today in Maths, reading Chapter 6 of Freedom for Bron and recapping your work on Forces from the Autumn Term. 
Maths and English resources for Thursday are above. smiley For French, keep an eye out for Madame Preston's challenge on Dojo or access our class Duolingo. 
To finish the week, you have times table in Maths, comprehension in English and you'll be looking at another great artist from history. 
Welcome back to your first day of home learning of the Summer Term. We are sticking to a very similar suggested timetable (attached) now that we have all got into the routine of it, so today we have Maths, English and RE resources for you. All of the activities are to be completed in your exercise books. As before, please just do what you can and try your best. 
Today, you have Maths, English and a brand new History Topic to start! All the resources are above, with exercises to be completed in your books. Enjoy. 
Please find your resources for Maths, English and Science available. In Science this half term, you will be recapping your previous learning so today you will flashback to Earth and Space from the half term. Have a great day! 
For Thursday of this week you have Maths and English following the same units you have been looking at all week. In the afternoon, we'd like you to practise your French by either completing the challenge that Madame Preston will set you via Dojo or accessing the class Duolingo. Don't forget to try and get some reading in too! 
To finish the week off you have Arithmetic in Maths; Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar in English and Art where you will be learning about a different great artist from history every week. First up, Vincent Van Gogh. Well done for completing your first week of the Summer Term. 
Welcome to your second week of home learning. The suggested timetable for Year 5 is very similar to last week, but we have incorporated PE with Joe Wicks as found it as a great way to start the day (and know many of you are doing it already!). All of the activities this week can be completed online or in the exercise books in your pack. We will continue to upload the slides for each lesson daily. Additionally, your PE, Music and French teachers have set you challenges on Dojo that you might like to incorporate into your own timetable. As with last week, do what you can, try your best and most of all look after yourselves and your family. smiley
Today, your suggested home learning is Maths - where you will be looking at imperial units of mass, English - where you will be looking at figurative language and Topic - where you will learn all about one of the most famous legends of the Ancient Greeks. This will be your last lesson on the Greeks, as we will be moving on to a new Topic after half term. We hope you enjoy it! All the resources can be found above, and all exercises are to be completed in your exercise books.  
Please find above all the slides you need for Maths, English and Science today. Don't forget to try and fit in some PE, Reading and Spellings smiley
Please find above your slides for today's Maths and English lessons. If you are following the suggested timetable, your French activities are either Madame Preston's challenge which she will put on today or having a go on our class Duolingo (joining instructions on your class Dojo page last week). 
Welcome to your last day of home learning of the Spring Term. This will be the last work uploaded till the 20th April so you can have a well-earned rest over the Easter holidays. Today, please practice your times tables during your Maths session and above you will find resources for Grammar and Punctuation and Art. If you do not have access to a printer, please complete these in your exercise books as best you can. For Art, you could even try a paper plate if you have one at home. Have a great day and a great break! 

You'll see above new slides and comprehension questions for the second part of Lady of Shallot for your English today. Your Maths activity is to continue with your Measures Activity Pack. The Topic session for this week is to read the sheets in your Home Learning Pack and complete the two activity worksheets that go with them. Don't forget to do a sheet of your Year 5/6 Spellings and Reading - either your own book, Bug Club or Epic. 

Above are all your slides for Wednesday's home learning. Your activity sheets for Maths and Science are in your Pack, and the English questions are to be completed in your exercise book. If you need any of the resources sending over to you then please get in touch with your class teacher via Dojo. 
Here are all your resources for your fourth day of home learning. Your Maths is to continue with the work from yesterday and move on to the Reasoning and Problem Solving worksheet. This is the last day this week you will be looking at The Lady of Shalott, so we have put the answers for today's tasks up too (no peeking!). For Art, we have combined some of our Topic too and you will be looking at Ancient Greek pottery. There is a template in your pack, however, if you have craft resources at home and want to create this in a different way then feel free to get creative. We look forward to seeing your finished designs. Have a great day. 
Welcome to Day 5 of your first week of home learning! We are so proud of you. Today, as it's Happy Friday, the activities are a little bit different. For your Maths, we'd like you to spend a full hour practising your times tables - either on TT Rockstars or some of the activities suggested on the Maths Overview on Monday. reading as usual, then English is a Grammar and Punctuation lesson (resources above). This afternoon, you've got French and PE - activities for both of these are in your Pack and there are some extras on Dojo from Madame Preston and Mr Mernock from yesterday. Apologies, but the handwriting was left off yesterday. You'll find loads of handwriting practice in the document attached, if you can fit some in today that would be great. Have a great day and enjoy your weekend - you've earned it!
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Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a fantastic summer holiday and are refreshed and ready for lots of fun-filled activities and learning this half term!


Our topic this half term is 'What makes the Earth angry?' and we will be looking at different natural disasters that have happened in the world. We will even be making explosive volcanoes! In science we will be looking at ‘Space’ and making up our own mnemonic to help us to remember the order of the planets. In maths we be focusing on number and place value whilst in English we will be looking at a range of sentence types to enhance our writing.


Please can I remind you that your child's reading book and reading record needs to be in school every day. Reading is important and if you have the time we would appreciate it if you could listen to your child read at home at least three times a week.  


Year 5 PE lessons will be taught on a Monday and Friday and we ask for your child to wear the correct PE kit (white T-shirt, blue shorts and black pumps) and could you please label it clearly. We will send PE kits home each half term so they can be washed and returned after the holidays for the next half term. We will be going swimming after February half term but we will remind you closer to the time.


Homework is given out on a Friday and due back in on the following Friday. This half term it will be grammar and maths based. The activities will only be 10 minutes long so shouldn’t be too onerous! Children will be tested on their spellings on Friday mornings. Spellings will be practised in school time but children are more than welcome to take copies home for extra practise! 


We are always available at the end of the school day if you have any questions or you can contact us through Class Dojo.


We look forward to meeting you all!