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Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Fairfield Road we believe we have an important role to play in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our children. Through our tailored curriculum we aim to develop physiologically, emotionally, intellectually  and spiritually mentally healthy children. Through teaching our PSHE sessions and relationships and sex education sessions, we provide children with the skills, coping strategies and resilience to prevent poor mental health.


We have been awarded the AcSEED Award in September 2020. The AcSEED Award is a quality assurance mark presented to schools that have made a substantial effort to support the mental heath of their students and staff. It encourages and rewards the provision of high quality emotional wellbeing services, the broad provision of information right through to appropriately targeted intervention. Based on the best practices, the scheme defines a set of standard criteria that all schools must meet to receive the award.



In EYFS and Key Stage 1 much of our work is based on understanding feelings to ensure children feel confident enough to speak about their emotions. In Key Stage 2 we focus on keeping our bodies safe and healthy, how our body and emotions will change as we get older and the range and intensity of all types of feelings.


Links to coronavirus and wellbeing information


Click here to find advice for parents and carers on looking after the mental health and wellbeing of children during the coronavirus outbreak.



Click here to find out information regarding coronavirus and mental health. This link will help to understand difficult feelings, give tips for caring for your wellbeing and gives advice and support for you if you need it.



Click here to find out what to do if you’re anxious about the coronavirus. This link will give you helpful tips if you find you are worried.


Links to useful websites and services in the area


Tameside Oldham & Glossop (TOG) MIND offer a range of different support to both children and adults. The service called Hive runs Wednesdays 4pm-8pm for 8-18 year olds to support their emotional health and wellbeing. The support includes group work, one to one interventions and creative sessions. Please call 0161 330 9223 for more information or visit


There are other support services in Tameside too.

Anthony Seddon Fund run a 'talk shop' Thursday 4pm-7pm for 9-19 years. Visit

42nd Street  offers support for young people aged 11-25. Visit

Off the record offers weekly drop in sessions drop in sessions every Wednesday 3pm-6pm. Find out more at


YoungMinds is a charity committed to improving emotional well-being and mental health. Click here to find out more.


Click here to find out about the Be Well Tameside service to support with a range of health and wellbeing benefits


Click here to find out about the NSPCC Pants Rule to keep your child safe.


Click here for links to Childline offering free support for children on a wide variety of issues.


Click here for information on mindfulness and relaxation techniques from Relax Kids.


Click here to find more information on the five ways to wellbeing which aims to promote positive wellbeing.

This guide features what children do online, the threat of online strangers and how to ensure a healthy balance between internet use, your children's online digital security and more on online safety to mention.


Wellbeing Wallet


The wellbeing wallet is a resource created by Tameside that brings together the arts and wellbeing by partaking in practical activities. There is lots of evidence to suggest creativity helps emotional and mental health.