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Fairfield Road Primary School Uniform consists of the following: 



Children should wear:

Green polo shirt (Y1-6)

Green t-shirt (Reception)

Blue t-shirt (Nursery)

Navy Blue Jumper/cardigan

Grey trousers

Green summer dress

Grey skirt


Children should not wear:

Tracksuit pants

Hooded tops

Nail varnish/false nails

Make up



Hair/Hair Accessories

Children should have:

Plain coloured hair bobble/hair band (for example black, navy, grey)

Plain coloured clips/grips

Hair should always be tied back for PE  

Children should not have:

Patterned hair accessories

Large, floral hair accessories


Shaved patterns in hair

Shaved eyebrows



Children should wear:

Plain Black shoes (girl’s shoes should be securely strapped for outdoor play)

Plain coloured socks/tights (black/blue/grey/white)

Children should not wear:

Trainers/football boots


Over-the-knee socks

Bright coloured/patterned socks or tights

Flip flops/flimsy style shoes (children will not be allowed on the outdoor equipment unless they wear securely gripped/fastened shoes)




Children can wear:

Small stud earrings


Children cannot wear:

Hoop earrings or earrings which dangle from the ear

Nose/lip piercings



PLEASE NOTE: For the initial 6 week period after a child has had their ears pierced, they will not be allowed to join in PE. After the 6 week period, your child must be able to remove their own earrings to join in the lesson.

As we want the children at Fairfield Road to be entitled to a full and balanced curriculum which includes PE, please refrain from ear piercings until the Summer Holidays.


Correct uniform ensures children are well presented and show a sense of pride in their appearance.